5 Most Important Dental Problems Explained!

Regular dental checkups can help in preventing a number of tooth and gum problems. Your dentist can find the initial signs of oral diseases and can take the necessary preventive and corrective steps to avoid further problems. In this post we will talk about seven common dental problems, so that you take seek professional advice and treatment in time.


Otherwise also known as tooth decay, cavities occur when plaque settles on the teeth. The bacterial produces an acidic substance that eventually damages the enamel of the teeth. The chances of tooth decay are much higher if you eat a lot of starches and sugary substances. If your oral health routine is good enough, you can prevent tooth decay considerably. However, in case the infection spreads considerably, it can affect your gums too.


Periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the gums, which is also triggered by plaque. The bacterial growth affects the gum tissues, and there are five stages of the condition. If detected early, it is possible reverse the growth of gum disease. If you have swelling or pain in your gums or the gums bleed while brushing, consult a dentist immediately, so that preventive steps can be taken in time. You can click here for more info on selecting a dental clinic.

Root infection

In case tooth decay extends beyond the enamel, it can impact the root of the teeth. On the onset of the infection, you may experience pain in your gums, because the condition will affect the nerves surrounding the concerned tooth. Root infection is also caused due to cracks and fractures in teeth. In some cases, abscess may develop in the roots and must be treated immediately. The only treatment in this case is a root canal treatment, which can take more than a few sessions with your dentist.

Dry mouth

Quite expectedly, dry mouth is caused by the lack of saliva, and numerous factors can cause this. More often than not, prescription medicines might be responsible. Since saliva is important for your teeth and gums, you need to check with a dentist without delay. Naturally, the production of saliva declines with age, but if you are taking medicines that are worsening the condition, you might need to stop those. There is no specific treatment for dry mouth.

Oral cancer

Detecting oral cancers can be hard, because the signs and symptoms often seem like gum disease. In most cases, oral cancer starts with a small lump in the mouth, which grows with time. Since there no pain involved, people often tend to ignore the signs. If you smoke or use any form of tobacco, you are at a greater risk of oral cancer. Mouth cancer kills, and the treatment is usually very expensive. If you see any form of lump or a pinkish patch inside your mouth, consult a dentist immediately. With timely detection, cure is possible, although you should aim at prevention. Quit smoking as the first step.

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