How effective is Intra Venous Stanozolol Depot?

This is a type of Injectable Winstrol that was developed under laboratory conditions in 1962. It’s a type of imitation anabolic drug steroid that’s usually taken by people who are prescribed for Testosterone. It’s also one of the safest enhanced running stamina steroids for women as compared to all other steroids available.

Looking at its safety, the drug is also FDA approved and easily available as over the counter medication. This is considered as effective steroid and people are prescribed for ergogenic assistance.

Even if the drug is very safe, still a number of countries around the globe have declared it illegal. One of the reasons is that many sports professionals around the globe misuse the drug for boosting their performance. It’s not approved by any of the sports organization.

Who can use this steroid?

The steroid is mostly used by professional bodybuilders and other sports athletes. Many professionals mix this steroid along with other steroids that are based on testosterone. This is also a type of drug that is believed to be used in cutting cycles and offers with enhanced running stamina.

As compared to other steroids, this drug is also very cheap. When using this steroid, one main benefit is that it does not convert into estrogen. This is a drug that is non-progestenic in nature. It’s also prescribed by the doctors for treating anemia and other hereditary related conditions.

One of the main reasons why most bodybuilders prefer this steroid is because it’s effective in enhancing your body power, without increasing your overall body weight. This is also an effective veterinary medicine.

Benefits of stanozolol

  • This is a steroid that helps in maintaining the right bone density
  • It helps in improving the mass of your body muscles
  • It helps in improving the hunger in sick animals

Effects of Stanozolol

The drug has been proved as a safer form of steroid as compared to others available. However, you need to keep in mind to use it only under recommended prescription. In case you are used to taking exceeded dosage then it may affect the normal performance of your internal body organs, like liver. Due to overdose, women may also have acne problems.

The right dosage of this drug can help in maintaining your body stamina, strength and eliminating body pain. In case you have been using the drug for a longer time, then it’s advisable to discontinue using it for some time.


There are many professional bodybuilders who are not aware of the right level of dosage they need to take. Some experts suggest that 100 mg dosage on daily basis is considered as a safe limit. To see the positive results this is the best dosage. But if you are not a professional bodybuilder, then 60 mg per day can be the right dosage for you. The dosage for women may differ.

If you plan to make use of the drug for much longer time, then it’s advisable to take it in much lower dose.