Invisalign For Teeth Straightening: Things You Need to Know!

If you have talked to your dentist about braces, it is very likely that he must have mentioned about Invisalign. This is one of the latest orthodontic device, which promises to offer the perfect smile, but without those ugly braces. Before you consider the option and talk to a Rockville MD dentist about the same, here are some of the things you need to know.

What’s the process all about?

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn’t involve metal braces. Instead, clear plastic molds are used on the teeth, which helps in straightening them. These are more like clear braces, which must be used all through the day, except when you are flossing, eating or brushing. You need to see your dentist after a fortnight or every three weeks, to change the molds. Align Technology, which has designed the system, believes that Invisalign is a better way of getting straight teeth, because the focus on correcting the right teeth. However, it should be noted that Invisalign is not cheap and can cost up to 50% more than your regular braces. As far as time is concerned, the plastic molds take almost the same time as braces to straighten the teeth.

Things to note

Invisalign is considered to be a better choice because the patient doesn’t have to deal with an ugly smile. Unless you tell someone that you are wearing braces, they will not know. There is one more thing that you need to know – This is not meant for children. Yes, Align Technology has clearly mentioned that Invisalign will not work on growing teeth. Even though most orthodontics deal with children in general, because they tend to have unaligned teeth, many adults are opting for ways to improve their smile. Invisalign is meant for adults who want straight teeth but don’t wish to deal with braces. You can see this article to know more.

Knowing more facts

Invisalign has proved to be a successful choice for anyone who wants to get straight teeth. It has worked well in most cases, and even for the difficult ones, the treatment has shown effective results. Many dentists believe that Invisalign might have a good market in the world of orthodontic care, and more clinics are likely to offer the choice for adult patients who need something better than braces. So, should you consider Invisalign? It depends on your teeth shape and other factors, and only a good dentist can offer help in this regard. Take your time to find a reliable dental clinic in your area, and don’t shy away from asking questions. As a patient, you have the right to know about the procedure and the number of visits required. For extremely cases, the treatment with Invisalign may continue for a year or more.

Check online now to know more on Invisalign, and if you have any confusions, talk to your dentist, who can also explain more about the expected results and costs. The cost are high because you need to pay more for each retainer.