Permanent Eyebrows- All You Should Know

Permanent Eyebrows Through Microblading

You must have tried your best to get perfect shape and depth in your eyebrows with gels and eyebrow pencils available in the market. But if you are looking for a permanent solution then microblading is the only feasible one. This will change the entire brow styling game for you.

Microblading is a process in which a hand tool made up of needles is used to create strokes resembling with hair. A special ink is used to mark strokes on the skin in a proper shape of perfect and fuller eyebrows.

A Solution For

Getting permanent eyebrows is like getting tattoos. It provides solutions to those who have been struggling with shaping their thin eyebrows, as they can have any shape they desire. It not only reshapes the brows but also fill in the gaps; a few of us have gaps due to less hair, making them look lighter and incomplete. You can easily get a fuller eyebrow without disturbing the original shape of your brows.

Permanent Eyebrows Will Last For

You can always contact the consultant for touch-ups. The duration will stay the same depends upon the skin type; the color will fade away faster on oily skins, whereas will last longer on a dry skin. A proper aftercare also determines the longevity of the eyebrows. Along with this the quality of the ink used also plays an important role in the life of the eyebrows.

Things To Avoid Before The Process

You shouldn’t be shaving, waxing or threading your brows before the procedure, as the area will get sensitive. Remove all the makeup on your face as it may cause infection due to being an invasive procedure. Don’t consume alcohol on the day of treatment. If you have a sunburn then you should wait till it goes away because the skin will be too sensitive and the procedure will become painful.

It Will Not Be A Painful Procedure

The cosmetic artist will numb the area with a cream so you don’t feel anything at all. It feels like little scratching and isn’t painful as it may seem to be.

It May Take Time

The procedure will take a couple of hours as it is done by hand and the tool is full of needles. The artist has to be really careful as one wrong stroke can hurt you and ruin your eyebrow shape. This can be really technical and time-consuming process. But once it’s done you will save enough time everyday which you wasted on getting the perfect color and shape with the eyebrow pencil.

The Aftercare

The needles on the tool will make cuts in your skin filled with ink, these cuts should be kept clean to save it from infections. You need to keep away moisture from the eyebrows, for this you need to avoid workouts and washing face until it’s properly healed.

You don’t need to panic if the permanent eyebrows look really dark at the first time. As the extra ink will fade away eventually and leave behind the desired color. The cosmetic surgeon will prescribe you ointment for keeping the infection away and for the redness.