Say Good Bye To Your Facial Thread Veins – Treat Them With Lasers And See The Magic!

The medical laser technology has witnessed great advances especially in the last decade that has helped the aesthetic practitioners to provide more effective treatment for the thread veins. Thread veins or broken veins can appear anywhere on body. However, they are very common on face. Thread veins may appear as single veins that are widely dispersed.

They are sometimes also referred as spider veins. The medical term for thread veins is Telangiectasia.

What causes Thread Veins?

While there is no obvious cause or it, they generally tend to develop with age as the blood vessels and skin become less elastic. Some of the hormonal changes related to menopause and pregnancy are believed to provoke their development. This is the main reason why women are more prone to thread veins as compared to men.

You may also inherit family tendency to the issue. Some of the other causes include overexposure to wind or harsh temperatures, too much sunbathing, radiotherapy, etc. While the jobs involving prolonged standing don’t cause them, it may aggravate the condition. Thread veins aren’t dangerous, but they increase in number and become larger over time.

Important basics about Laser thread vein treatment

While there are many treatment options to treat thread veins, the best amongst all is laser therapy. It is widely available and quite popular. For successful red vein treatments, click here.

Basically, laser therapy makes use of brief pulses of light to destroy the smaller blood vessels. Different types of the lasers can be used. A pulsed dye laser can be an ideal option for the thin red veins that are closer to skin’s surface. On the other hand, purple veins need laser having longer wavelength to reach them.

More than often, the clients find that 1-2 treatments are enough for them. However, the exact number of treatments will greatly depend on color, size, and number of the vessels that are being treated.

Many people have a misconception that the treatment is painful. However, most of the clients just experience stinging sensation as pulses of the energy are delivered through hand piece. Generally, no pain medication or local anesthesia is needed, but some of the patients may use topical before the treatment.

When it comes to results, you may notice some bruising or redness following the treatment. You can resume to your normal routine almost immediately. However, it is recommended to avoid doing strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours.

Facial thread veins can effectively be treated with the help of laser therapy. Plus, it is cost effective and completely safe!