The Benefits of Red Light Therapy Machine

All of us need light for optimum health. The sun is one great source.  Limited, healthy exposure to the sun, among other benefits, improves sleep, boosts mood, and enhances our immune systems.  Too much, however, can be dangerous. It can prematurely age our skin and cause skin cancer.

Red Light Therapy

Red LightTherapy offers many of the sun’s benefits, but won’t harm it.  In fact, red light therapy has been used to treat skin cancer.  Red light also enhances complexion and skin tone.  Furthermore, Red Light Therapy also…

lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds

boosts skin hydration

evens out skin tone

fixes sun damage

gets rid of acne bacteria

helps clear acne, blemishes, and scars

corrects pigmentation problems, such as rosacea

treats eczema

enhances athletic performance

fades scars and stretch marks

speeds muscle recovery

quickens injury and wound healing

boosts circulation

decreases inflammation, joint pain, and arthritis

lessens flushing and broken capillaries

What is Red Light?

Most of us learned about light in school, but don’t worry if you don’t remember.Light acts like a wave and is defined by its frequency and wavelength. We can only detect light inside certain wavelengths and frequencies, called the visible spectrum.

The colors on the visible spectrum, in order, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. What you actually see when you look at something is reflected light. When you see a red object, it is absorbing orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet and reflecting red back to you.  (Color combinations occur when variations are reflected back to you.  You see purple when red and blue are reflected back, white when all the colors are reflected back, and black when no colors are reflected back).

Red sits at the longest end of the visible spectrum with wavelengths between 630nanometers and 700nanometers (nm).

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Your body responds in a certain way to wavelengths. Light energy passes through human tissue and stimulates cellular level chemical energy transportation.  This provides a rejuvenating, anti-aging boost to cells.  NASA studies revealed that the body, however, responded optimally to light at delivered within the mid-600 nm and 800 nm (i.e. the red light range).

Red Light Therapy Machines

Many Red light Therapy Machines effectively deliver red light at 630 nm and 700 nm.

How Does Red Light Therapy Improve Skin?

Red Light Therapy improves blood circulation and stimulates cells to deliver a constant flow of increased nutrients and oxygen to your body’s organs.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ.   It also makes your lymph system more efficient and reduces swelling and puffiness.

Most importantly, however, it stimulates your body to produce Collagen.  As you age, your body loses Collagen.  Replacing it helps your skin look fuller, firmer, and more elastic.  As Collagen increases, wrinkles and fine lines smooth out and pores decrease.

Are Red Light Therapy Machines Safe?

Yes.  They do not hurt and do not harm the skin or body.  The light waves are safe for all ages and skin colors and types.

Other Benefits of Red Light Therapy Machines

Most Red Light Therapy Machines come with warranties and actual testimonials from happy clients.  They machines are easy to use and small enough to take with you everywhere you go.