Tips to keep your hands soft and smooth all the time

Most women are obsessed with having good, smooth and soft hands. If you have rough hands, you sometimes tend to hesitate shaking hands with other people because they might judge you for having a rough pair of hands. Also, do you have any idea that your hands can show your actual age? Yes, that’s right. It’s not only your face that can show signs of aging but your hands as well. In this article, we will be discussing different ways to take good care of your hands and keep it smooth at all times.

Doing household work or other tasks that would require you to use your hands can make your skin dry, rough and even flaky at times. Always protect your hands from calluses or possible blisters by wearing gloves while working. If you have sensitive hands and are prone to allergies caused by soaps and harmful chemicals such as bleach or cleaning agents, it’s a wise choice to use rubber gloves while doing your tasks.

A lot of people have the obsession of keeping their hands clean all the time. That is the reason why hand sanitizers are a big hit in the market. But do you know that most hand sanitizers that are being sold in the market are alcohol based causing our skin lose its natural moisture leaving it dry and dull? With all these, we have to apply either a therapeutic hand cream or lotion to keep our hands smooth and soft.

If you have super sensitive skin or you suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, avoid using products with strong scents. It’s better to use unscented baby lotions or hypo allergenic therapeutic hand cream to provide relief to your skin.

Scrub and exfoliate your hands on a weekly basis. Do not get intimidated by the word “exfoliate”. You do not have to buy expensive beauty products just to remove dead skin cells. Your hands are one of the most used body parts, so they deserve to be pampered every now and then. You can prepare a homemade sugar scrub that is as effective as the ones being sold commercially. Just mix at least one cup of white or brown sugar, half a cup of olive oil (some people prefer to use coconut oil and that’s perfectly okay), also half a cup of lime extract and a few drops of vitamin e oil for added moisture. Slowly apply it on your skin and leave it for a few minutes, rinse well and pat dry. The homemade scrub guarantees positive results on rough skin and it’s easy to prepare as well.

Pamper your hands by bringing them to the salon every two weeks to have a manicure that you truly deserve. When you have soft hands, your nails should follow as well. Get rid of the accumulated dry skin and cuticles that makes your hands look dry. Also don’t forget to choose a quality nail polish to beautify your nails.